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Cena bez DPH
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Značka/modelthe al-ko combi 38 e comfort scarifier
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Cena bez DPH3 032 CZK  (599 PLN)
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Další informaceCaring for the lawn is not just about trimming it. Scarifying is a very important part of caring for your lawn, so a good scarifier is essential when working on your lawn. It is worth noting that the Combi 38E Vericulator is a device that works perfectly in the hands of a professional gardener as well as a novice amateur.
Precision and perfect workmanship Combi 38E is equipped with 14 steel knives (verticutter roller) and 24 steel springs (air roller), thanks to which the device is precise and accurate. The Combi 38E is a dual function device as it is both a aerator and a verticutter . Aeration is the aeration of the lawn to make the soil more resilient, which of course results in better branching grass. Scarifying, on the other hand, is a process aimed at removing moss and disturbing the so-called felt, i.e. the layer of grass that is formed as a result of regular mowing. It is worth adding that frequent and systematic scarifying has a very positive effect on the soil, uptake of nutrients by the grass, and stimulates the lawn to even better tillering. The manufacturer of this model is the renowned and well-known German company AL-KO.
Zero emission and quiet lawn care equipment Today, great importance is attached to ecology and the fact that garden devices should have a low amount of CO2 that is harmful to our environment. The most desired solution is completely emission-free and this type of device is the Combi Scarifier 38E , as it is a fully electric machine. Due to the electric motor
the scarifier is very quiet. Particularly noteworthy is the capacious basket with a capacity of 55 liters, as well as the low weight of the entire device - only 14 kilos. The Combi 38E Scarifier from AL-KO has a central 5-step cutting height adjustment, so it can be adapted to any type of lawn and the preferences of the gardener himself. Small dimensions, fully electric, emission-free and quiet motor and a capacious basket are by far the greatest advantages of this device. The Combi 38E scarifier from AL-KO is an excellent example of precise workmanship and the highest quality. S.C. Wojciech i Miłosz Początek
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