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Cena bez DPH
244 624 CZK
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Cena bez DPH
244 624 CZK
48 279 PLN


KategorieSamojízdné sekačky
Značka/modelIseki sxg 216+
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Cena bez DPH244 624 CZK  (48 279 PLN)
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Skladové č.ISEKI_SXG216 / M
Výkon motoru11,0 kW (15 hp)
Další informaceGlobal success - quality and precision
When we hear ISEKI
, we think reliability, latest technology, high product quality and prestige
. Behind the brand name there are 90 years of experience in the production of agricultural tractors, the latest Japanese technology, factories located all over the world, German precision, modern production process and the most developed distribution network in the sector of mini tractors and agricultural tractors as well as hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers in all over the world.
An international leader in the production of mowers
products are a combination of the highest Japanese technology
, the highest quality materials used and German precision
, accuracy of the tasks performed, and what is most important for Iseki
, a partnership approach to customers and local distributors (modern training centers for dealers). The demand for mini tractors of both countries with the mutual exchange of technology and ideas led both countries to produce the best sub-compact tractors in the world, and ISEKI was ranked 3rd in Japan, taking into account the market share and giving it a leading position in the global market.
Iseki SXG2 sweeping, mowing, snow removal is not only for beginners The Iseki
series self-propelled mower is a mower
designed for beginners, thanks to which we can not only mow the grass, but also clear snow in winter on properties or roads during autumn cleaning, the SXG216
mower can also sweep leaves or remove dirt from hard surfaces, and even spread fertilizer or sprinkle salt on surfaces .
The Iseki SXG 2 lawn mower has two versions that differ in the way the basket is emptied: Iseki SXG 216+
with manual discharge, Iseki SXG 216+ H
with electric discharge (activated by a button). Iseki SXG 216+ key features and product characteristics The Iseki SXG 216+
lawn mower is a mower with a hydrostatic box operated by two foot pedals, a 2-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 13.9 HP, a 1020 mm wide mower with additional mulching option and a 380 liter grass catcher. Stable structure, ergonomics in use and incredible agility are just some of the characteristics of the SXG 216+ lawn tractor
, moreover:
maximum forward speed 11 km / h, hydrostatic gearbox 6-step cutting height adjustment (30/40/50/70 and 90 mm), mower suspended on gas springs, mulching option as standard, basket driven by angular gears instead of V-belts, low fuel consumption. Iseki SXG 216+
are reliable machines designed for long and hard work, even all day long. The SXG2
series is equipment designed for users who value professionalism, comfort and efficiency at work. The highest production technology based on 90 years of experience in the production of agricultural and horticultural machinery and equipment is for the user the certainty of many years of trouble-free use of the machine with very economical fuel consumption.
Additional options and accessories for SXG2 mowers - snow plow, spreader, sand spreader, S.C. Wojciech i Miłosz Początek
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Na Mascus CZ můžete nalézt Iseki sxg 216+ v kategorii samojízdné sekačky. Cena tohoto stroje je 244 624 Kč a byl vyroben v roce -. Tento Iseki sxg 216+ se nachází v: -, Polsko. Na Mascus CZ můžete najít nejen Iseki sxg 216+, ale mnohem více ostatních modelů z kategorie samojízdné sekačky. Podrobnosti - Skladové č.: ISEKI_SXG216 / M, Výkon motoru: 11,0 kW (15 hp)